LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay Lights are the super efficient lights for factories and warehouses. HID to LED Replacement Chart 30W LED replaces 100W HID 50W LED replaces 200W HID 80W LED replaces 300W HID 100W LED replaces 400W HID Warehouse and Factories are switching to LED High Bays for three reasons. 1. Reducing their lighting bills. An LED High Bay uses about 25% of the power an HID High Bay does to produce the same amount of lumens on the ground. For example, a 300W LED can replace a 1000W HID. But remember, the 1000W HID also has a ballast that can consume another 100-200W just to drive the light. So in reality, a 300W LED High Bay Light is replacing 1100-1200W. That means that 4 LED High Bays use the same amount of power as 1 HID High Bay. 2. Reduced maintenance costs. Many High bays, in warehouses and factories, are installed at heights exceeding 25 ft or more. On top of that, many facilities have operations on the floor that make it impractical to bring in man lifts to replace burnt out bulbs and ballasts. The cost of the personnel plus the cost of the lost floor time productions makes HID bulb and ballast replacement expensive. We have a full line of Made in the USA LED High Bays that will last 100,000+ hours, meaning less time maintaining lights and more time producing on the floor. 3. Durability in extreme environments. Some environments are harsh. Many factories with extreme processes may create conditions, such as vibration, that causes HID bulbs or ballasts to fail. LED, on the other hand, is a solid state device that is not affected by vibration or other factors that destroy HID bulbs. A light that does not fail does not need to be replaced, saving you time and money.
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