2 Pack - BA15S 1141 1156 RV LED Bulb Replacement - 33 LED - Warm White - 450 Lumens

GoldenGadgets - 2 Pack - BA15S 1141 1156 RV LED Bulb Replacement - 33 LED - Warm White - 450 Lumens

2 Pack - BA15S 1141 1156 RV LED Bulb Replacement - 18 LED - White - 300 Lumens

  • Base : BA15S
  • Bulb Type: 1141 1156
  • White : 5700K White
  • Voltage : 10-30V DC
  • Lumens: 300
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Need to Replace your RV Motorhome Boat Interior Lights? Replace it with GoldenGadgets BA15S 1156 1141 RV LED Replacement Bulb

Our RV LED Replacement is an energy efficient replacement for your incandescent RV Bulbs.

GoldenGadgets RV LED Bulb is an energy saving replacement light bulb for your RV/Motorhome/Boat's interior light bulb such as the 1156 1141 using a BA15S Single Pole Base.   


Simple LED Bulb Replacement - Instant Energy Savings


Just remove the old incandescent RV bulb and replace it with the GoldenGadgets RV LED Replacement Bulb and you instantly start saving up to 17.5 Watts per hour per bulb. That translates to significant power savings and less stress and charge cycles on your battery. Our LED Bulb outputs 300 Lumen which is equal to a 20 Watt 1156 RV incandescent Light Bulb.

Surge Voltage Protection from 12V DC up to 30V DC


Each of our RV LED Light bulb includes a special input voltage regulator that allows 10V DC up to 30V DC to power this RV LED Bulb. This means the surges from your ignition or alternator will not damage this LED. Also if your power runs low down to below 12V, our RV LED bulb will maintain the same light output down to 10V.

Omni-Direction - 18 High Powered 2835 SMD LED


18 High Powered 2835 SMD LED are configured in a cone shape to provide omnidirectional light. Each side holds 3 x SMD LED and includes 3 LEDs on the top of the bulb so you get an even light output. 

Our LED Bulbs are Rated for 25,000 hrs and include a Lifetime Warranty

Fits in Standard RV Motorhome Boat Fixtures with 2 Colors


We made our LED Bulbs available in 2 colors: 5700K White for maximum light output and 3000K Warm White for soft light that is easy on the eyes. We recommend the White 5700K be used for security lighting, food preparation lighting, storage lighting. We recommend the Warm White 3000K are living areas like living room, bedroom, and bathroom area.

Inside Package Kit:

2 x BA15S 1156 1141 RV LED Replacement Bulb - 5700K White
1 x Lifetime Warranty Card
More Information
Manufacturer GoldenGadgets
Incandescent Equivalent 20-watt 1141 1156 Incandescent Bulb
Current Draw (Amps) 0.21 Amps
Color Temperature CCT 5700K
Voltage 10-30V DC
Lumen 300 Lumen
Wattage 3 Watts
Dimmable No
Beam Angle 270-Degree
Dimensions 55 mm L x 22 mm D
2.17 in L x 0.87in D
Expected Life Span 36,000 hrs
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