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GT-7D: 7-Watt LED Globe Light Bulb - Discontinued


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Quick Overview

GT-7D LED Light Bulb has been discontinued as of March 1st, 2014.

Please take a look at our new 6-Watt A19 LED Light Bulb producing 450 lumen.


A19 6-Watt LED Light Bulb - 450 Lumen - 45-Watt Equivalent - Warm White

A19 6-Watt LED Light Bulb - 450 Lumen - 45-Watt Equivalent - Warm White

Regular Price: $9.99

Special Price: $7.99

Save up to $19.00 a year by switching a 50-watt incandescent bulb to this GT-7D LED Light Bulb. The GT-7D: 7-Watt LED Globe Light Bulb uses 7.5 watts of power and replaces a 40-50 watt incandescent light bulb. The GT-7D produces up to 450 lumen of light and is available in two different color temperatures: White (6000K) or Warm White (3200K). The GT-7D LED light bulb is assembled in our US warehouse and comes with a 2 year limited warranty. 

GT-7D: 7-Watt A19 LED Light Bulb - 450 Lumen - 40-Watt Incandescent Replacement

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Uses 7.5 watts of power to generate up to 450 lumen of light.

Equivalent to a 50-watt incandescent light bulb.

Rated to last 36,000 hrs. That is 36 times longer than your traditional incandescent light bulb.

Globe style body providing 120 degree flood lighting.

Assembled in the US and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Benefits of the LED bulb:

1. Significant energy savings. If you swap a 45-watt light bulb for this 7-watt LED light bulb, you will save up to $19.00 per year on electricity alone. In 10-months, you would have already saved the cost of the LED bulb and this bulb comes with a 2 year limited warranty. 

2. Lower Ambient Temperature. The GT-7D 7-watt LED Light bulb runs at around 125 degree F whereas a 45-watt bulb runs at around 360 degree F. If you live in hot areas, switching to LEDs will dramatically lower your air-conditioning and cooling needs. 

3. No Mercury + Long life = Safe for the Environment. LED bulbs unlike compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) contain no mercury and is rated to last up to 36,000 hrs. The mercury used to make a CFL bulb ends up in our landfills and seeps into our ground water contaminating our water source. LEDs are also rated to last up to 36,000 hrs whereas the common incandescent bulb is only rated for 1,000 hrs. You will trash 36 regular incandescent bulb before you switch on LED bulb.

GT-7D 7-watt LED light bulb vs 23-Watt CFL Compact Fluorescent

Watch Video Comparison: 23-Watt CFL is turned on first and then the 7-Watt GT-7D LED Light Bulb is switched in.

 Incandescent light bulb60-Watt Incandescent Light BulbCompact Fluorescent LED Light Bulb13-Watt Compact Fluorescent BulbGT-7D LED Light BulbGT-7D: 7-watt LED Light Bulb

Rated Life

How long is the bulb rated to last?

1000 hrs7500 hrs36000 hrs

Bulb Cost

Per 36,000 hrs


(36 bulbs at $0.85 ea.)


( 5 bulbs at $1.50 ea.)


Electricity Cost

36,000 hrs at $0.12 per kWh


Total Cost

Bulb Cost + Electricity Cost

Hazardous MaterialNoYes - MercuryNo
Annual Electricity Cost - 12hrs per day$31.54$6.83$3.94
Annual Electricity Cost - 24 hrs per day$63.07$13.67$7.88

Additional Information

CRI (Color Rendering Index)No
Bulb TypePAR20
Socket BaseE26 / E27 Edison Screw-in Base
Color Temperature CCTNo
Voltage120V AC
Lumen500 lumen
Incandescent Equivalent60 watt
Beam Angle270-Degree
Dimensions5" x 2.5"
5.0 ounces
Expected Life Span36,000 hrs
Standards / CertificationsNo


Right light for reading while saving money , 1/16/2012
By Chris
All around lighting, I like knowing I'm saving energy while having a much cleaner looking light. I want to replace every light in my home with this light bulb, the savings will pay off in just a few months. Going Green to lower my footprint to help stop Global warming. I like the white light a little better compared to the soft white.
bright light, quality build , 8/28/2011
By Todd
I was first skeptical about the ability of an affordable, consumer level LED bulb to replace an incandescent. As soon as I received and turned on the first light (white) I bought, Feb 2011, I was impressed and pleased at the brightness. I had to & did order another, this time warm white, for comparison. The white does have a slight blue tint to the color of the light - similar to the blue of a mercury vapor light. The warm white is closer to an incandescent, but not yellow. ( I do not like the color of incandescents in the first place. )

With the first couple bulbs I ordered, there seems to be a slight delay from switching the light on to when the light actually emanates. With the last order, 2 bulbs last week, the light comes on instantaneously - no perceived delay. So, I ordered 4 more yesterday. Now I will have eight in my small house - all are the 7 watt GT-7D. And since a family member likes to leave lights on frequently, the bulbs will pay for themselves sooner.

I will use up my remaining small supply of traditional incandescents and fluorescent bulbs in seldom used areas of the house. I am buying LED bulbs from now on.

Quite happy with the product and GG service. The price (single unit) is acceptable, but much better when ordering 4 or more. They all seem to be well constructed and I hope that does not change. I would rather pay more for a quality product than get a "bargain" price on a short life, shoddily constructed product.
Excellent product , 4/22/2011
By Barry
I have bought 8 of these bulbs; 3 warm white and 5 plain white.

I am extremely happy with these bulbs. The plain white bulbs are noticeably brighter than the warm white, and in fact are brighter than the 65 watt floods that I replaced. I thought that the plain white would be too "antiseptic", and it is very white, but personally I found that I like it better than the incandescent color.

On the down side; there is a noticeable delay between when you flip the switch, and when the bulb actually turns on. Also, the warm white version has a distinct pinkish cast to it.

For me, the small down side is more than compensated by all of the good things about these bulbs, so I give it 5 stars.
Nice light , 3/3/2011
By Brian
I got the warm white version of this bulb, and I think it puts out a nice, pleasing light very similar to a regular incandescent bulb. My wife thinks it's not as soft as a regular incandescent, but she said she "can live with it" As with other LED light bulbs, there is a short delay from flipping the light switch to the light bulb actually lighting up. For that reason, I have paired these LED bulbs with a regular incandescent. The regular incandescent fires up immediately and provides some light, then a second or so (less) later, the LED bulb(s) fire up. I have only been using these bulbs for a few weeks now, so can't comment on their durability/longevity.
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